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Civil Engineering

A leader in sewer evaluation, planning, design and construction management.

Civil Engineering

Frazier Engineering provides Civil Engineering services related to sewer system infrastructure.

As a leader in sewer flow monitoring, sewer system evaluation surveys (SSES), sewer design and rehabilitation, and construction management, Frazier Engineering has to date inspected over 100,000 manholes, smoke tested 16 million feet of sewer, and completed over 6,000 flow monitoring projects.

Our crews are in the field daily, identifying collection system defects for system owners. Our engineering staff designs cost effective remedies to quickly resolve the problems we find, and our construction management team oversees field repairs ensuring the integrity of our solutions.

To date, Frazier Engineering has designed more than 3.25 million feet of sewer rehabilitation, over 350,000 feet of new and replacement sewers, and the rehabilitation of more than 40,000 manholes.

At Frazier Engineering, we take pride in our experience, expertise, and extensive client project list.

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