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Manhole Inspections


Sewer Rehabilitation Design

Manhole inspections are an important aspect of a successful SSES program.  Manholes are often sources of substantial infiltration and inflow (I/I) into the sewer system.  Our crews are NASSCO MACP/PACP/LACP certified, and we have completed the inspection of more than 120,000 manholes to date.


Frazier Engineering owns and operates the IBAK Panoramo SI and the EnviroSight CleverScan digital manhole scanning systems.


The Panoramo scans manholes located on or near streets; the CleverScan is portable and utilized in hard to access easements. Both scanning platforms capture a complete 360 degree digital "movie" of every manhole, as well as a geometric measurement point cloud of the manhole structure.


Using our digital manhole scanners, our staff can evaluate every manhole in a desktop/PC setting in our office, identifying all defects and performing accurate desktop measurements of all points within the manhole structure, including pipe diameters.


Manhole scanning is a complete revolution in manhole assessment technology, and Frazier Engineering is using this new tool every day on behalf of our clients. To learn more about the IBAK Panoramo SI & Envirosight Cleverscan, please watch the videos below:

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