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Sewer Rehabilitation Design

The primary focus of Frazier Engineering from day one has been on sewer system evaluation surveys (SSES) and sewer system rehabilitation. Since our formation in 1998, Frazier Engineering has designed over 3.25 million feet of sewer lining using cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP), the rehabilitation of over 60,000 manholes and the replacement of several thousand service laterals for clients throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia.


Frazier Engineering is recognized as a leading sewer rehabilitation engineering firm in the Carolinas.  Frazier Engineering has designed all types of sewer rehabilitation work including cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP), fold-and-formed pipe lining, deformed/reformed pipe lining, pipe bursting, grouting and sectional lining/spot repairs.  In addition, Frazier Engineering has designed all types of manhole rehabilitation including cementitious linings, epoxy linings, cured-in-place linings, and polyurethane linings as wells as all types of frame/cover seals and cover inserts.  For service lateral rehabilitation, Frazier Engineering has designed lateral replacement via excavation and pipe bursting, lateral lining using cured-in-place lining, and lateral sealing at the main sewer using Top Hat liners.

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