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Sewer System Evaluation Surveys (SSES)

Sewer system evaluation surveys (SSES) are a central focus of Frazier Engineering, and we have completed more SSES work than any other firm in the Carolinas.


Frazier Engineering performs all aspects of SSES in-house, and to date our field crews have inspected over 120,000 manholes, smoke tested over 16 million feet of sewer, and completed more than 7,500 flow monitor installations.


Frazier Engineering owns a full compliment of advanced assessment tools that enable accurate and cost-effective collection system evaluation. Our field equipment list includes:


  • Over 120 Flow Monitors manufactured by Hach, ADS, and ISCO
  • IBAK Panoramo SI Manhole Scanner
  • Envirosight CleverScan Manhole Scanner
  • RedZone Solo Robotic Pipeline Inspection System
  • SL-RAT Acoustical Pipeline Inspection System
  • Envirosight Zoom Inspection Cameras


Frazier Engineering staff are MACP and PACP trained and certified. We know how to leverage the extensive data compiled during SSES projects to identify collection system problems, classify and rate defects, and design and implement cost-effective solutions for our clients.

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